SureFit Adjustable Shank The SureFit Adjustable Shank was patented by Gerard Faini in 1988 while he was CEO of F&H Jewelry, Inc. The SureFit shank continues to surpass other similar products on the market by having only two moving parts, a double snap system and is compatible with most any type of ring being worn today. Another great benefit of the SureFit shank is that a ring can be easily sized even after the installation. The SureFit shank is compatible with men’s or ladies’ rings. The hinged shank eliminates having to put the ring over the knuckle as the ring is placed behind the knuckle and closes there. The SureFit shank has no hollow components, promotes longer wear by having fewer moving parts and opens further than nearly all other adjustable shanks on the market. The SureFit shank is available in 18k, 14k and 10k gold in either white or yellow and platinum. It is available comes in various sizes and widths to fit almost any ring. The SureFit shank is guaranteed to be free of factory defects. Even though it has only two moving parts, they will show wear and may need adjustment and/or repair in the future. Is the SureFit Adjustable Shank the right choice for you and your ring? Visit with us to find out.