SureFit Adjustable Shank In 1988, F&H Jewelry, Inc. patented its very own adjustable shank marketed as the SureFit adjustable shank. The SureFit shank continues to surpass other similar products on the market by having only two moving parts, a double snap system and is compatible with almost any type of ring being worn today. Another great benefit of the SureFit shank is that a ring can be easily sized even after the installation. The SureFit shank works for either mens or ladies rings. The hinged shank eliminates having to put the ring over the knuckle as the ring is placed behind the knuckle and closes there. F&H Jewelry, Inc. can proudly state that the SureFit shank has been sold in 48 continental states of USA and Canada. The SureFit shank has no hollow components, promotes longer wear by having fewer moving parts and opens further than nearly all other adjustable shanks on the market. The SureFit shank is available in 18k, 14k and 10k gold in either white or yellow and platinum. It is available in various sizes and widths to fit most any ring. The SureFit shank is guaranteed to be free of factory defects. Even though there are only two moving parts, they will show wear and need adjustment/repair in time. F&H Repair, Inc. is a qualified trade shop to do any repair needed. Charges for such repairs will be in accordance with the current price list established by F&H Repair, Inc. Any jewelry work done by parties other than F&H Repair, Inc. may void its guarantee which does not cover damage caused by customer abuse, nor does it cover any loss of customer merchandise.

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