Shriner Jewelry Shrine Ring Style 1200

# 1200

Shriner Jewelry Shrine Ring Style 1200

# 1200

This Shrine/Masonic Ring holds some secrets. The overall design of this ring is meant to resemble a iconic Masonic Symbol, the All Seeing Eye. It is also the first Shrine ring style we created to be semi-hallow with a pattern cut on the inside to give the wearer the solid ring feel. The inside pattern has often featured the All Seeing Eye, initials, temple names and more. This ring can be varied in many ways from gold options, to diamonds and of course iconic Shrine and Masonic symbols.

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Name Shrine Ring Style 1200
Stock Number 1200
Type Ring

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Shriner Jewelry

Shrine Ring

We repair and re-condition old Shrine rings!

Being an active Shriner himself, Gerard Faini continues to dedicate part of his life and part of his company to help support the El Riad Shrine organization locally and nationally.

First, he designs and creates one-of-a-kind Shriner jewelry with the majority being men's rings. They are followed by ladies rings and other Shrine jewelry such as tie tacs, cuff links, pendants etc.

Secondly, Gerard volunteers his time with fellow Shriners to generate funds to be donated to the Children's Hospital. Being part of the Classy Auto division, Gerard does get the opportunity to have a bit of fun at times.

All photos of our Shriner Jewelry, and our Shrine Ring Builder is located at following links: