Faini Engagement Ring

# 140-140

Faini 140-140

Faini Engagement Ring

# 140-140

A classic trellis style ladies engagement ring features princess (square) cut diamonds with a Euro (squared) shank to ensure the top of the ring faces straight up. Stop into to Faini Designs Jewelry Studio and try one on to feel why so many people are switching over to the Euro style shank.

Product Details


A Faini Designs Jewelry Studio Custom Creation

Stock Number 140-140
Department Bridal & Engagement
Type Engagement Ring
Sub Type Modern
Collection Custom Bridal Engagement

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Faini Designs Jewelry Studio is built on a family tradition of handcrafted artistry passed on from generation to generation. A tradition of superb craftsmanship, which began in jewelry repair, and has grown to specialize in custom designs. Faini Designs prides themselves in offering not only one-of-a-kind custom creations, but also several diverse jewelry brands.