Gerard Faini Supports Emily's Hope Fundraiser

May 3, 2019



Originally written by Angela Kennecke:

"This is a touching story that I want to share with all of you! Jeweler Gerard Faini of Faini Designs Jewelry Studio came up with a one-of-a-kind pendant that was a replica of one of Emily's Dream Catchers. It's made with rose gold, sterling silver, precious gemstones and pearls. It is truly unique! He donated it for the fundraising auction on Friday night, the bidding began and I noticed my sister-in-law Silke Gloeckner was bidding on it. I was so happy that she liked it and wanted it! She won the bid! I knew it was going to a great home to be worn by someone who loved Emily! But at the end of the night, Silke presented it to me! I am overwhelmed by her love and generosity! I am so lucky my brother married such an amazing, kind, generous and thoughtful woman. She is the sister I always wanted but never had! I will be wearing the 2019 Emily's Hope pendant every time I speak publicly about my daughter! ❤️ KELO Angela Kennecke"


Dream Catcher



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