Faini Custom Projects: A Mother's Day Pendant

June 25, 2019

FD 65412

I have been designing jewelry for over a decade. So of course my mother brought me a few pieces of old jewelry she was no longer wearing to make something new she would want to wear. 

I really wanted to do something unique for her. Something new, elegant, creative, fun and that represented her. She was in no hurry for anything so I would sketch some ideas and show them to her and she would comment on what she liked or didn't like about them. I would then sketch a few more based on her comments and we would do it again. We both really enjoyed that back and forth. She really liked the idea of incorporating the letter "D" (her name is Darla) and I liked that she had spare blue sapphires which happen to be my birthstone.

She had no idea she would be getting this for Mother's Day, but she was giddy and all smiles when opening the gift.

-- Nathan Faini




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