Faini Proposal Stores: Congratulations Zach & Logan!

July 19, 2019

Faini Proposal Stories: Congratulations Zach & Logan!

Schumacher 245

As told by Logan: 

"It all started at a Gopher Homecoming Football game when a stranger, Zach, offered to buy me a drink. Little did I know that gesture would eventually lead me to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. Zach had me convinced he was never getting married, so the thought of getting a ring anytime soon never even crossed my mind. It didn’t stop me from dreaming though, so I often drug Zach into every jewelry store anytime we would go to a mall (he had to know what I liked even if he was never buying a ring, right?). 

It was my birthday weekend and I was told I would be spending it at a Christmas on Zach’s side of the family. I was not enthused because having a December birthday I always seem to get the short end of the stick. Again, an engagement never even crossed my mind for the upcoming weekend. I came home from work to find Zach and our best friends in our house to surprise me, holding signs that read “HAPPY BIRTHDAY – ROAD TRIP?!” They would not tell me where we were going or what we were doing.

About half way to our destination they finally told me one of the surprises. We were going to a Minnesota Wild game. Zach then began nervously speaking and accidentally spilled the beans that we were also going to a Minnesota Vikings game. I am thinking WOW this is the best birthday weekend ever! We finally arrive at our hotel and Zach tells me that he didn’t have anything planned for the night because he already planned the next two days. Knowing my love for looking at Christmas lights he tells me there is a Hollidazzle in Loring Park. Of course I want to go!

We get in line for the sleigh ride. The wait seems to take forever. After close to two hours of waiting we finally get to go on a sleigh. It was the last sleigh of the night and it was just us and our friends on the sleigh (all part of the plan). We are riding along and we almost get to the point where we get to get off and go look at the Christmas lights. Zach gets up and gets down on one knee and starts to propose to me and the only thing I can think to say at that moment in time is “YOU’RE JOKING!” Turns out he wasn’t joking, I said, “YES” and then all of these people starting cheering. In my head I am thinking who are these people? I finally look up to see that it is all of our immediate family members there! They got to witness and share the most exciting moment of our lives with us.

Good thing I drug Zach into all of those jewelry stores, because between him and the staff at Faini Designs Jewelry I ended up with the most perfect ring. The experience with Faini Designs didn’t end there. A few weeks after we got engaged we stopped in the store to get my ring sized. I figured I would sadly have to give up my ring for a few days to get the work done on it. I was wrong. The owner of the store took my ring and told us to stop back in an hour to pick it up. We did just that. It fit perfectly and we were treated with the greatest customer service. We can’t wait to go back and get our wedding bands for our big day!"


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