Faini Designs Jewelry Studio currently has two GIA (Gemological Institute of America) Graduate Gemologists and one Graduate of Diamonds along with Pearls on staff.  We have many years of combined experience in the jewelry industry throughout the company’s staff. 

There are two main types of appraisals offered: For Insurance Purposes Appraisals or Estate (Fair Market Value) Appraisals.  An appraisal comes with a picture of the item, description of the item and estimated dollar amount to replace it or liquidate it.

The normal cost for an appraisal is $85.00 for the first item and $50.00 for each additional item.  If there are a lot of pieces involved the charges may be less when based on the time that it requires to do the complete job.  Previous appraisals, lab reports etc that are specific for an item to be appraised can also reduce the cost for the new (updated) appraisal.  In most cases, appraisals can be completed in just a few days 

Faini Designs Jewelry Studio offers FREE consultation on what is recommended to be appraised and the cost to do the work before anything is done.  Please call ahead if you have multiple pieces for us to allow the necessary time for this consultation.